Sword fighting isn’t just about fighting with swords.  It’s about developing your personal power – in the body and, most (if not more) importantly, in the mind.  Sword fighting gives you the skills you need to face your opponents, be a positive force in any engagement, and the discipline to know when force is needed and when it is not.  These techniques can be used from the boardroom to the backroom – it’s all about knowing and believing in your power and your control.

Come see how sword fighting can give you the skill to be confident in any situation!

Offering each student a solid education in Western Martial Arts and swordplay, we take a hands-on approach during every class. Giving you complete access to the art of the sword masters of old with a more modern flavor, each class differs in sword fighting techniques and principles and is uniquely structured to ensure the correct use of close-combat methodologies. From lessons in the use of long swords and spears to sword grappling and Olympic Fencing skills, we are the swordplay enthusiasts choice for skill-building in Kansas City.