Hello, welcome back to our blog. This is part two of our series about getting in shape to swordfight. Although fitness training is great to give you a competitive edge against opponents, we do not have any fitness or age restrictions for our sword training courses. Contact Baer Swords today to learn more!


Medieval sword fighting isn’t all about strength, it also requires a lot of stamina. Although you can certainly get all your cardio training from simply practicing sword fighting, people tend to be exhausted by the end of a fighting session if they haven’t done some type of cardio training on their own.

Although strength and skill is what will ultimately determine whether you’re able to pull off a specific move or technique, your stamina is what will keep you consistent and allow you to adapt to new situations without ever letting your guard down. Many people are surprised to find that sword fighting works their lungs just as much as it does their arms and the rest of their body. This is because you’ll be equipped with protective armor and you’ll be moving a lot.

Some great forms of cardio include running, rowing, jumping rope, swimming, or cycling. Jumping rope, in particular, is a great way to get in shape for sword fighting because it not only works your lungs, but it teaches you to be quick on your feet which is another important aspect of sword fighting.

Mind Training

Medieval sword fighting will test you mentally as much as it will physically and as such, it’s important to train your mind too. All too often, reaction time is overlooked when it comes to sports. Although many people think that reaction time can’t be trained and that it’s inherently good or bad in certain people, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Reaction time can be trained just like any muscle in your body can be trained, but unlike strength training, it can be a lot more difficult to track your progress with reaction time because your success can vary depending on a lot of different factors like how much sleep you’ve gotten, your diet, and how alert you are.

As far as training is concerned, you can try train running which requires your brain to quickly react to obstacles that are in your way. Whereas if you’re running on a track, your mind can sort of shut off as you workout. However, if you’re looking for more things you can do to improve your reaction time, try changing your diet and getting more sleep. According to health.com, foods like oatmeal, dark chocolate, and blueberries can help to boost your alertness and concentration.

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