You may have heard of sword fighting events or clubs that have started popping up recently or within the past several years. Although fencing has been a popular sport around the world for quite some time, medieval sword fighting and longsword fighting in particular have gained a lot of popularity. So why is this? What has caused so many people to garner interest in this and what does it look like for the future of this sport? Keep reading to learn more.

Pop Culture

Major forms of media like TV and movies have created a huge amount of hype around the idea of sword fighting as a sport or hobby. Shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings which have a viewer base of 8.89 million and 7.8 million respectively. That is a huge audience for a TV show and for shows that have a lot of sword fighting in them, it’s no wonder people are starting to gain an interest in it as a sport.

Other Forms Of Martial Arts

If you keep up with sports, you’re no stranger to the fact that MMA has become very popular within the past decade due to it becoming a part of mainstream media. MMA has been around for a while as well as hundreds of other martial arts forms. However, people are more likely to experiment with these now than ever before. People are looking for a unique sport to do and often times they land in sword fighting.


“What the heck is LARPing?” you may be asking. LARP stands for live action role-playing. Essentially what this means is that you take on the role of a character — any character you want, historical or not. You then act out scenarios that would be normal for that character to do. Nowadays it’s very common for people to LARP medieval sword fighting scenarios, often by using actual medieval sword fighting techniques or making up their own.


We live in an age where we expect immediate results for just about everything we do. However, when it comes to exercise, this isn’t possible. People are sick of the standard forms of exercise like going to the gym or going for a run because it’s boring and causes them to focus on the slow progress they’re making. But when you do something awesome like sword fighting or MMA, you don’t even think of it as exercise, you just think of it as a fun activity. A year down the line you’ll take a look and see how in shape you are. Not a bad deal!

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