Offensive Techniques:

Spiral Thrust  This is an attack used against a hesitant opponent who is holding their blade with their point towards the aggressing fighter. To employ this technique, advance quickly towards the opponent while at the same time disengaging under their blade. The strong edge of the aggressing fighter’s blade is then pushed to the side to control the opponent’s blade as the aggressing fighter follows through to continue in towards the opponent and complete the thrust. This move is done in one single fluid motion that is “very” effective in gaining the upper hand in a spar.

Feint & Cut This is an attack used against a hesitant opponent who is holding the sword blade up or down. In this move, the aggressing fighter makes a quick feint to the opposite side of wherever the sword blade is currently pointed to draw a parry. Then, the aggressing fighter immediately disengages around the parry and quickly moves to attack another target – such as the unprotected side of the hesitant opponent.

Clip/Flick This is used during a close bind. The two weapons will commonly be crossed in strong and pointing up. In this, the fighter will choose to Clip or Flick based on which arm the opponent can be seen over. If seen over the strong arm, then the fighter should twist the blade quickly and bring down the short edge on the opponents head. This is the Clip. If seen over the weak arm, then the fighter should use the cross-guard to flick the sword blade to the side while bringing the long edge on their opponents head. This is the Flick.

Dodge & Strike This is used whenever an opponent is making large sweeping strikes at the fighter. As the fighter judges the distance and moves both body and weapon out of the way so that nothing stops the opponents strike, the fighter then immediately moves back in and strikes the opponent while they are off balance from the swing.  It’s important to remember to strike back where the opponent is open, not at their sword.

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