Defensive Techniques


This is a move used to counter any attack to the legs. It utilizes the geometric truism that the distance straight across to the opponent is significantly shorter than the distance angling down to the feet. A fighter can simply pull the leg back in a quick snap while at the same time hitting the opponents head or shoulder. The difference in distances makes for a clean quick kill. This technique really demonstrates that fighters of any size and shape can be evenly matched in the ring.Spiral Parry:

This is a move used to counter a thrust or cut to the mid body. It is performed by pulling the hands back towards the body and pushing the strong of the blade out to the side block either the cut or thrust, then, in a continuous curve, continue the move as a thrust to the opponents body or face.
The point is kept pointing at the center of mass the whole time so that, as the fighter parries the opponents blade, they continue to hold the line as they thrust in.

Spiral Cut:

This is a move to protect against most attacks to the chest and head. It utilizes the principle of Short Equals Fast.  This is done by moving the point straight up and parrying only far enough to stop the cut or redirect the thrust past the fighter it is directed at and works on either side.
From there, the fighter can hold the line on the opponent’s blade while they flick the weak of their own blade in towards the opponents head or shoulders.

Slide & Swing:

This is a specialized defense for when an opponent is making a strong concerted attack to the head. These attacks are designed to break through a parry, so the fighter, instead, will deflect the blade in such a way as to turn the tables.
When the attack comes in, hold the blade over the head with the tip angled down. Allow the force of the blow to slide down and off of the opponent’s sword, then swing the short of the blade around in a beheading cut. This cut is *very* fast and so proper care needs to be taken when employing it in a spar.

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