Twenty minutes south of Kansas City, MO is Overland Park, KS.  No matter what you’re looking to do, you will find a place to meet your needs in this city (or very close!).  Filled with wonderful residents who have an eye towards the arts, sports, children’s activities, farmers markets, and everything in between, Overland Park is certainly a hub to begin your Kansas City and area adventures.

And, since it’s so close to Kansas City, it’s also conveniently located very close to Baer Swords – the best and top-rated place to learn sword fighting in Kansas City, MO!  Baer Swords has many students from the Overland Park area who meet weekly (or more often) to practice their sword fighting game using long swords, broad swords, sabers, and several others.

Baer Swords, LLC offers classes in both two-handed weapons and one-handed weapons using a variety of weapons and techniques that let our students become competition ready in a very short amount of time.  And, even if competition isn’t your goal, Baer Swords is still a great place to just show up to learn a unique skill, meet wonderful people, and simply have a really, really fun time!  We also offer children’s classes (ages 8 and up) for those who want to get the little warriors involved early.  And, family/ group events are becoming quite popular and offer a total 4 hour immersion into the world of sword fighting where the participants walk away with a new skill, knew facts about swords, and a new respect for each other (they know how to use a sword after all!).  Some come see us at Baer Swords, pick up a sword and have fun!