Want to try out sword fighting with your group of friends or looking for something different for your family to do together? Just want to see if this is something you might like to delve further into?

The Four Hour Total Sword Experience is designed for small groups who want a deeper immersion into sword fighting and the techniques to get you up and running with the sport.
This course gives you a comprehensive, in depth view of sword fighting using both armed and unarmed combat and takes you all the way from never having handled a sword to competing in your very own small tournament!

Our Goal:

By the end of this course, even the newest fighter will be sparring with the best of the group. We customize the experience to match the skill levels of the participants, so whether you’re brand new, or a seasoned fighter, you will gain in skill and confidence.

What we provide:

The Experience is provided using the expertise of our instructor-led, interactive training, and lasts for four hours.

It also includes:

  • A catered lunch
  • All the protective gear needed to sword fight
  • A bit of history about the different types of swords, the techniques that they required, and how they were used in battle
  • A memento to mark this day as an unforgettable one
  • ….and…of course, the swords to fight with!

What you provide:

  • A curiosity about what is involved with sword-fighting
  • Lots of questions
  • A willingness to learn
  • Comfortable clothes
  • And a healthy desire to have a LOT of fun!

Class Size:

Typically, a group with a minimum of 5 to 6 people is best (we are equipped to do up to 20)- you get more people to spar with, which means more experience and faster learning (and the opportunity to make new friends!). However, we can customize the experience for smaller groups and families who would like to incorporate various ages. We do ask that the smallest fighter be at least 8 years old – beyond that, age is not a factor.


Cost is $110 per participant. Discounts with 10 or more in a group.


Typically, these are scheduled for weekend days but other days can be scheduled to best accommodate your needs. Our next group classes are now forming for April/May 2018.

Please send us an email or give us a call to schedule your Total Sword Experience!