Are you a history buff and want to show it? Do you spend countless hours sifting through history books? Do you love medieval history and want a new, refreshing way to explore it? Medieval sword fighting is for you!


With all the sports out there, you want to make sure you’re spending time with one that is interesting, will keep you at peak performance, and something that the whole family can get involved in. Not only does medieval sword fighting fit all of these categories, but there is an enormous amount of historical value in learning a medieval western martial arts form. Regardless of whether you’re already an enthusiast of medieval history or you’re thinking of getting into it, you’ll be sure to love it after trying medieval sword fighting for the first time!


A change of pace

Chances are, you’re pretty used to exploring history through a history book or at a museum, but here at Baer Swords, we’re proposing something entirely different: sword fighting! Although warfare isn’t the only thing you should know about medieval history, it certainly is an important aspect.


Medieval sword fighting is a nice change of pace but still allows you to learn about history. Through our adult or children’s classes, you will learn the proper techniques that were actually taught and used in medieval times! What better way to explore history than to actually walk in the footsteps and live the lifestyle of a medieval knight?



With medieval sword fighting, not only are you exploring history, you’re helping to preserve it. Every person that steps through our doors is another person who can bring the joy of medieval sword fighting out to the world and teach people the historically accurate martial arts form.


The historicity isn’t limited to the technique, however. The weapons we use are also historically accurate. At Baer Swords, we have everything from two-handed weapons to rapiers, and spears to staffs.


A new perspective

Sword fighting will give you a new perspective on the history you already know. In other words, you’re not just reading about what kind of training a knight went through, you’re actually going through the process and learning for yourself. By the end of your training, you’ll have a newfound respect for the sport and the historical aspect as well.


If you’re ready to try your hand at medieval sword fighting, visit Baer Swords in Kansas City, Missouri. We offer a variety of training course options for men and women of all ages. Have a specific weapon or technique you’d like to learn? No problem! We teach everything from two-handed weapons to spears and everything in between, as well as techniques such as spiral parry, spiral cut, spiral thrust, and much more!


If you’d like to learn more about what we offer, you can contact us here or register for a class here.  Your first class is only $10 so make sure to bring a friend!