Just east of Gladstone, MO, Liberty, MO is teeming with history, nature conservation areas, sports venues, wineries, and even a corn maze!  Its sunny residents are happy to welcome visitors to the area and show them the fun and unique activities available in and around their town.

Just down the road about 15 minutes is just one of those unique locations – it’s where the locals go to practice sword fighting!  At Baer Swords, LLC, students learn how to sword fight for competition using real swords and time honored and tested techniques.

Taught by the owner with over 30 years of experience, Baer Swords teaches long sword and short sword, grappling, rapier, dagger, sword and board and everything in between.  Classes are geared towards having fun safely while learning how to wield a sword for competition.  Children’s classes (ages 8 and up) and family/ group events are also offered and the group events can be customized for you group.  So, come on, you know you wanna….let’s have some fun with swords!