Filled with world-class golf courses and high-end shopping, Leawood is a shiny gem in the Kansas City area.  It’s arts, sports, family and animal focused community is welcoming to all who find themselves within its boundaries.

Leawood, KS is only 20 minutes from Baer Swords, LLC as well – and many Leawood residents practice the Art of Modern Swordplay during the week and on Saturday mornings here!  Long Swords are the most popular weapon of choice but some also look to broaden their experience by practicing other weapons such as broad sword, saber, single stick, dagger, and many more.

Come join your neighbors for a friendly fight with swords at Baer Swords, LLC!  No matter your skill level, we have classes to help you improve every step of the way.  Baer Swords, LLC specializes in teaching sword fighting using both two handed and one handed weapons using a variety of weapons and techniques that let our students become competition ready in a very short amount of time.  Children’s classes ( ages 8 and up) are also offered and family/group events are a great way to bring the whole family together for a half day where immersion into the world of swords and sword fighting classes which will be one they won’t soon forget.