Just a stone’s throw away from Kansas City, Gladstone is close to the airport and is home to warm, inviting people and lots of places to have a good time. Whether you’re into the Arts or more into Sports or maybe simply enjoy a nice spot to relax in the sun, Gladstone has just the place for you. And, it’s conveniently located just minutes from downtown KCMO and minutes from the airport.

Gladstone is close to everything and has lots of family events, community events, and sports events to offer. It’s even just 5 minutes away from Baer Swords, LLC , the only, local and top -rated Sword Academy. Located just off of NW Vivion Rd in Kansas City, MO, Baer Swords, LLC is open most evenings and Saturdays.

So, if you or your friends are interested in learning how to wield a sword, a class at Baer Swords should be on your to-do list. Offering lessons in everything from long-sword to short-sword to single-stick to grappling (much more), you are guaranteed to have a great time learning sword techniques with a real sword – even on the very first class! If you are looking for something unique and fun for the little ones, Baer Swords also offers children’s classes ( ages 8 and up) on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Family events are also available for a total immersion into the styles and world of sword fighting in four hour blocks tailored to your specifications.