Every would-be junior Jedi’s dream, our kids’ classes are specifically designed to foster a love for swordplay in both children and early teens. Using the type of wooden swords and light sabers that all adults wished for as kids, each class and sparring session is extremely safe, as no sharp edges are ever introduced. Providing the same type of next-rank testing system as we do with our adult classes, kids can work up the levels to higher and higher education.

Prices for children’s’ classes are the same as our adult sword fighting classes. For more information regarding class structure and focus, we encourage you to contact our Kansas City studio.

All heroes learn from someone and we provide all the hero-in-training techniques and gear needed (except for the capes!).  If you’re looking for a fun way to get your child involved in a unique sport, it’s definitely time to get him or her started in some real swordplay.

More than just Sword Fighting Classes

Our children’s classes teach control, respect, honor and proper technique—all while learning how to sword fight and have fun. Focus for these classes is broadsword in general and, as the students progress, other weapons/techniques may be introduced, from fencing to two-handed techniques.

Good to know:

  • Any child that is at least 8 years old is welcome!
  • Classes last 45 minutes and will begin with basic movements using wooden waster swords and lightsabers.
  • The instructor will go over not only the movements but also the reasons for the movements and concentration necessary to carry each movement out properly.
  • Children are shown and expected to practice respect for one another before, during, and after class and the reasons behind needing to master these mental and physical ideals for effective sword handling.

Classes build on one another so practice at home is encouraged in between classes. In addition, students are asked how they incorporated what they learned in class into real life—and no, we don’t mean pick up a stick for playground battles. Our goal is to teach principles of discipline and respect, among other lessons.

All of the basic gear the children will need to begin with—including safety helms and gambesons—is provided. The kids just need to show up with clothes they can move in, tennis shoes, and a desire to have fun with swords!

Current classes 

Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:15 PM and Saturdays 1 -1:45 PM – openings are remaining in each class.

Additional classes are forming now—please contact us for those dates and times!