1. The Most Powerful Medieval Weapons

    Warfare is one of the most iconic aspects of the medieval era. Although there’s a common misconception that people were constantly at war with each other during medieval times, there were certainly a lot of innovations in weapon technology and warfare strategies during this time. Just like now, the number of weapons available at any given time was immense and war leaders didn’t just rely on ju…Read More

  2. Misconceptions About Medieval Europe

    When you think about the middle ages, what comes to mind? Disease, war, overbearing monarchs? Although many of the impressions we have of the middle ages are accurate, sometimes we get bogged down with false ideas of what medieval times were really like just by the way it’s portrayed in movies like Monty Python and the Holy Grail or shows like Game of Thrones. In this blog, we’re going to talk…Read More

  3. Benefits Of Becoming A Jedi

    Are you a force for good in this universe? Can you control things with your mind? Are you annoyed by the color red? I have good news — Jedi training might be just the thing for you! The Jedi Council has faced difficult times within the last few decades or so, and ever since Order 66 it’s been pretty… quiet. However, there was one Jedi left who was super passionate about rebuilding the Counci…Read More

  4. Bringing A Sword To A Gunfight: The Swordsman of WWII

    For many of us, sword fighting and WWII are two concepts that do not blend together. After all, the Second World War was fought with tanks, bomber planes, and high powered rifles. Swords didn’t fit on a modern battlefield. Or did they? For a soldier like Jack Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill, or “Mad Jack”, the practice of historical European martial arts belonged on the front lines. Mad Jac…Read More

  5. How To Live Like A Knight

    Do you spend your time wondering what it would be like to live in a certain era or as a certain historical figure? We’ve all done it at least once or twice, but some of us have stronger urges to fulfill our obsession with history and human civilization than others, and sometimes reading a history book just doesn’t satisfy our retrospective way of thinking. One of the most idealized figures in …Read More

  6. Exploring History Through Sword Fighting

    Are you a history buff and want to show it? Do you spend countless hours sifting through history books? Do you love medieval history and want a new, refreshing way to explore it? Medieval sword fighting is for you!   With all the sports out there, you want to make sure you’re spending time with one that is interesting, will keep you at peak performance, and something that the whole family c…Read More

  7. Health Benefits Of Medieval Sword Fighting

    We’ve all likely, at some point in our lives, consider what it would be like to be in a real sword fight. The danger is often what first comes to mind, but what if I told you that the opposite was true? That sword fighting is actually pretty safe, a huge health benefit to you, and it’s a great way to stay in shape.   The great thing about medieval sword fighting more specifically is that …Read More

  8. Offensive Techniques For Long Swords

    Offensive Techniques: Spiral Thrust  This is an attack used against a hesitant opponent who is holding their blade with their point towards the aggressing fighter. To employ this technique, advance quickly towards the opponent while at the same time disengaging under their blade. The strong edge of the aggressing fighter’s blade is then pushed to the side to control the opponent’s blade as th…Read More

  9. Defensive Techniques for Long Sword

    Defensive Techniques Hypotenuse: This is a move used to counter any attack to the legs. It utilizes the geometric truism that the distance straight across to the opponent is significantly shorter than the distance angling down to the feet. A fighter can simply pull the leg back in a quick snap while at the same time hitting the opponents head or shoulder. The difference in distances makes for a cl…Read More

  10. Three Reasons To Sword Fight As Often As Possible

    If there is one item that should be on every person’s bucket list, it’s to wield a sword in a proper sword fight at least once. Why??  Because, swords are awesome, of course! It’s also important to know that different swords are used in different ways and that every sword fight is about finding the holes and weak spots in the opponent’s defense.  The battle is won by fighting the other p…Read More